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Schönaich-Carolath-Str.13 / 25336 Elmshorn
tel. +49 4121 62326

Curriculum vitae (Documents are linked)

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Personal Data

Date of birth / Location April 2nd 1963 / Elmshorn
Marital-status single
Nationality German
Health excellent
Activities, Special Interests politics (active) , new technologies and media , sailing, nature, communications


empty1969 - 1973 Primary school Grundschule Klein Nordende
png1973 - 1982 pdf Gymnasium, Certificate: Abitur (Page 1 2 3 4)
empty1982 - 1983 military service
png1984 - 1991 pdf Studies of Sociology at the Universität Hamburg, Degree Diploma . Certificate , Thesis

Professional development

link since 01/2003

Free :

Project based Consulting and Implementations of
  • Web-centric Communications.
  • Utilisation of Free Software within small and medium sized environments.(Desktop and Server)
  • Reach and Barrier optimising advise to existing Websites
  • Securing Networks, Enterprises and Organisations
Public visible examples are: FDP Bezirksverband Elmshorn , FDP Landesverband Internet or the Blog of FDP Kreisverband Pinneberg
png11/2001 - 12/2002 pdf

Technical Account Manager , NTT/Verio
Member of the start up team 'complex managed hosting' of NTT/Verio Germany (Europe).
Main task was Pre Sales Consulting and Creation of Offers for complex Internet entrances. My tasks included coordination of Team and Customer demands during build up and first operations weeks. We expected to build up our team according to our market success. (well, ...)
Successful pitches to Companies like: Lufthansa ('Extranet' of a subsidiary) Benelog (Logistics / Freight exchange : SSL, Loadbalanced, HA, Solaris / Oracle, SAN ) Doc Morris (Online Pharmacy: : SSL, Loadbalanced, HA, Solaris / Oracle ) Swisstiming (Sports Timing: Loadbalanced ) Omega (premium watches) Noe Astro (Online Horoscope) DEAG / Stella (Entertainment) ,
and a lot more.

png09/1998 - 11/2001 pdf

Project team member / leader Swatch AG
involved in various Internet / e-commerce and Database Projects. Focus: E-Commerce and process integration. Technical lead on Swatch E-Commerce
Swatch Detail ( HP-UX , Oracle, iPlanet )

png10/1995 - 9/1998 png

  pngPage 2   pdf

Responsible Operations, Build up and extension of the networks Hanjin Shipping ( European Headquarters )
Still in 1995 Internet access, LAN and NOS restructuring. With 1996 start of the GAN Project (Frame Relay), changed the Internet access to permanent line. The euro wide Team strength exceeded at last ten heads.
Introduction and Operations of an AIX, HACMP, MQ-Series and Oracle based Node for an Client-Server Container Management Application ( operations and erp functionalities )
Hanjin Detail
empty01/1994 - 09/1995

Diverse Jobs (Support for retailer etc. Demand for sociologists offering short edp experience was somewhat limited then ...)

png07/1992 - 12/1993 pdf German Telekom, FZA Elmshorn. Last Position held Network administrator Responsibility to construct and operate an heterogeneous LAN. (Token Ring, Cheapernet and Twisted Pair Ethernet. Protocols: IP ,IPX and SNA. Servers running on Netware 3.11 and Sinix. An AS400 was linked via direct line) The time contract couldn't be extended, due to a general hiring stop. The location Elmshorn was scheduled to be closen down
empty05/1984 - 12/1988 ASD Hamburg, Security Clerk. Last Position held Shift Leader NDR Broadcast. (13 heads)

Trainings / Courses

certified ones only

pngNovell 4 , training

pngSQL , Oracle training

pngAIX Sysadmin , IBM course 2A522

pngAIX Security , IBM course 2A527

pngAIX TCP , IBM course 2A541


Languages English - proof
German - mother tongue
French - good
Korean - beginner

Driving license

ancient German 'Klasse III'

Honorary appointments Member of AG IT City of Elmshorn.
Deputy chair FDP Landesverband Internet
Network chair FDP Bezirksverband Elmshorn

Elmshorn, June 2008